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Fredericks Passage
This fine collection of handcrafted wood patternmaking layout tools by Fredericks Passage, is a tribute to the art of wood patternmaking (the tool used to form a sand mold in the foundry) assisting the craftsman in building an element of the trade (The Layout). Patternmaking is wonderful and with an interest can become a passion. Learn about the trade and allow your creative abilities a chance to transform an idea into an object by means of traditional patternmaking.
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This website is designed for the foundry enthusiast (hobbiest) at his/her home foundry. From the patternmaking index you will find important topics. For example; a chart with the shrinkage allowances for a variety of cast metals, foundry & patternmaking terminology (glossary of terms), how to go about making layouts from worn out castings, just to name a few. The terminology is especially useful because it is the basis for visualizing how castings are made from green sand molds. Although, the layout requires a sensitivity that goes beyond the scope of visualization. Layout's require knowing precisely what material is being used for the product to be made. Hence, computation of the unknown shrink variable is paramount and going about finding this variable is found within these pages.
 Once knowing this variable one may proceed to the layout.