Wood patternmaking & green sand mold making are the arts performed. Using traditional methods Fredericks Passage unique layout tools take shape. Each mold is used one time the sand is broken away from the casting, sifted and used to make another mold. Each piece is individually finished.
Fredericks Passage
Layout Tools & Beyond
Stephen Frederick Harger is a journeyman patternmaker now living in Moses Lake, WA. He began his interest in patternmaking during a two year technical drafting class at Hinds Jr. College. In 1978 he discovered the United States Navy offered a Patternmaking "A" school. He enlisted and was guarantied the school. In 1980 C.E. Ward Captain, U.S. Navy U.S.S. Dixie AD-14 presented to Stephen for the Secretary of the United States Navy the highly esteemed Navy Achievement Metal for making an impeller pattern for a water pump that broke down while underway out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After a four year term he returned to civilian life and pursued a career in the Reaction Injection Molding industry. He constructed acrylic patterns used to form composite epoxy tooling for computer enclosures. Later he went on to work in a foundry wood pattern shop laying out and constructing master and single shrink patterns for the foundry. Stephen has applied his skills for projects of products that have been awarded international design distinctions.

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Stephen F. Harger