Cast Iron- The most common of metals, mined as iron ore.

Cast Steel- Cast iron that has been hardened and toughened by one of the various steelmaking processes.

Centerline- Well defined knife or gage line placed upon the work to serve as a basis from which dimensions are to be measured.

Centrifugal Casting- Process of filling molds by pouring the metal into a mold revolving about either its horizontal axis or vertical axis, or pouring the metal into a mold that is revolved before solidification of the metal is complete. The molten metal is moved from the center of the mold to the periphery by centrifugal force.

Chamfer- To bevel a sharp edge.

Chaplet- Metal supports used to hold a core in place when the size of the core seat is inadequate.

Cheek- The section or sections of a flask lying between the drag and cope.

Chill- A metal object placed in the wall of a mold, causing the metal to solidify more rapidly at that point.

Chuck- Any of the various devices for holding work in the lathe.

Collapsible Pattern- A pattern so constructed as to permit its removal from the mold in sections.

Combination Core Box- A core box that may be altered to form a core of another shape.

Contraction- The amount that the metal will have decreased in size from the time it is poured to the time the temperature has fallen to the mormal temperature of the metal.

Contraction, Liquid- Shrinkage or contraction in molten metal as it cools from one temperature to another while in the liquid state.

Contraction Rule- (Shrink Rule) A rule having the graduations so enlarged as to compensate for the lessening in the sixe of a casting caused by the decreasing size of the cooling metal.

Contraction, Solid- Shrinkage or contraction as a metal cools from the solidifying temperature to room temperature.

Cope- The top section of a flask.

Core- That part of a mold or body of sand which forms a hole, a recess, or the interior of a casting. Particularly applied to those bodies of sand formed within a core box and subsequently baked.

Core Box- Specially constructed form into which sand is rammed to give the required shape to a core.

Core Cavity- The interior form of a core box that gives shape to the core.

Core Drier- A metal shell that conforms to the shape of the area of a core upon which the core rests while drying.

Core Frame- Frame of skeleton construction used in forming intermediate size cores.

Core Lock- Matched surfaces so formed upon contacting core bodies as to assure their correct registering or seating together.

Core-Made Mold- A mold assembled from dry sand core bodies.

Core Marker- A core seat so shaped that the core will register or seat correctly when placed in the mold.

Core Plate- Metal plate used to support cores while they are being baked.

Core Print- That part of a pattern which has been so designed as to form a seat to locate and support a core within a mold.
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