"Obama Administration 2009", (a miniature monument) was inspired by the administrations sincere desire to form a bipartisan government and its ongoing efforts to reinforce that desire. It is my confidence in this administration that motivated this work of art. In the future I think we will look back and say, the Obama Administration was implemental in forming a healthy culture in America and a unity of the numerous Nations and Tribes of the World. So with that I say to the Obama Administration, continue the courageous and strong stature you have set forth for The United States Of America.


Attempting, to solve important issues for the United States Of America, US @ age 51 I've yet to observe talented mental power along with public service come together for a purpose.

People from all corners of the world live here the Native Indian first.

Political and private boundaries have been set over time on planet earth.

All forms of life given the sun lives.

We write great stories. Though, haven't any control of the universe.

Fear is the precursor that may inhibit growth in the US @ this mid term Nov. 2010.

Stay focused.
Love To All,
Fredericks Passage
The master pattern is hand made of over fourteen different materials ranging from copper to toothpicks.
Stay Fit Get The Rest You Need & Follow Your Heart. President Obama 2012
Stephen F. Harger
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No. 2
Stephen F. Harger